Health Services

We are a community pharmacy dedicated to provide you with excellent professional service.  Our pharmacists are always available to help with any queries.

We provide a number of specialised professional services:

  • Diabetes Services and Blood Glucose Monitoring:  We are a NDSS outlet that provides NDSS members (Diabete patients) with subsidised materials such as needles and blood glucose test strips.  We also provide free blood  glucose monitoring service to anyone who are concerned.  Just ask our staff.  No appointments needed.
  • Medication Advice:  We offer one-on-one time with our qualified pharmacist to review and discuss best ways to manage your medicines including inhaler technique (COPD).  This will give you a better understanding and more confidence in taking your medicines.  We will provide you with an action plan.
  • Home Medicines Review:  We can arrange for a qualified pharmacist to visit you at home and reviewing all your medications.  The pharmacist will work with your doctor to structure a plan to better manage medicines you take.  This is a free health service funded by the Commonwealth Government.
  • Medication Packing:  We can pack your medication into weekly blister packs for a small fee.  This takes the worry out of taking medication and brings independence and peace of mind to the patient.  Just ask one of our friendly staff who can help you get started.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring:  The only way to know your blood pressure is to check it regularly.  Ask one of our friendly staff who can help.  No appointments needed.
  • Weight Management:  Talk to our qualified pharmacist about weight recording service, meal replacement shakes and bars.
  • Our pharmacy can dispense "Closing the Gap" prescriptions written by doctors for qualified patients.
  • Babies:  Our pharmacists and staff are able to help with any questions and concerns you have with your baby.  We have a baby scale to weigh your baby anytime.  No appointment needed.